Monday, October 10, 2005

After lunch at the diner, Carl heads over to the retirement home where his father lives. He recalls the times they shared together before and after his mother, Elizabeth, had died. He remembers that after his mother died, his father began drinking uncontrollably and fell asleep on the floor several times, too drunk to even move.

The chapter closes when Carl is leaving his father's retirement home and remembering an argument he had with his wife that eventually leads to their separation. This is the first time in the novel that we learn about what it was like for Carl when he lived with his wife and young daughter before the divorce.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Carl takes a seat at a diner near Adam's store and orders breakfast. This is the first time he sees his old house for sale, when he is reading the paper. He considers buying it, and renovating it so that there would be a big family room for Lizzie when she would come over. Also while sitting in the diner, he starts to browse through the personals section. Luke Richardson shows up soon after he finishes eating and offers him a place to stay for a while, until he can find a steady job and adjust to life back in West Gull.

Once they are at the park, Carl talks to his daughter about her family and about when he was a young boy. He tells her about how his mother used to be his teacher and Lizzie runs ahead to play on the monkey bars.

After he meets with his daughter, Carl goes into town to meet with an old frien of his father's, Adam Goldsmith. Adam had offered to give him a job a few years ago when he was running low on money from his divorce. The two get into a conversation about Carl's father, and the way things have been happening around the town since Carl left.

As the second chapter continues, Carl continues his trip towards Wes Gull, and almost gets hit by a truck as he is speeding down the highway. He decides to pull over to the side of the road and look once again at the letters he has recieved from his daughter over the past few years.

When he finally reaches the small town, he sees his ex-wife for the first time in a few years, which creates some tension between them, but seeing Lizzie again gives Carl an excuse to leave as he heads out to the park with his daughter.

Monday, October 03, 2005

In chapter 2, the character of focus turns to Carl McKelvey, William's son. He is living on Vancouver island, many thousands of miles away from West Gull and is talking on the phone with Chrissy, his ex-wife. She tells him about his father's time with the car and how the doctor expects he will be alright. She then tells him that their daughter, Lizzie, wants to see her father again and since Carl wants to do the right thing, he packs up and heads for West Gull to visit his family.

As the first chapter continues, we learn that as he was heading down to the river in his stolen car, McKelvey accidently gets the car stuck in the mud. One of his friends happens to be boating by and sees him and offers help. Once on board the boat, the two don't talk much, but McKelvey seems lost in thought and their topic of discussion turns to fishing. The chapter closes when McKelvey is sitting and telling the story of the stolen and trashed car to a man named Luke Richardson, who happens to be running for reeve because he is power hungry.

In the first chapter of the story, we learned about William McKelvey, a retired man living in a small town in rural Ontario. His wife passed away years ago in an accedent, although it is not mentioned how she died. McKelvey decided to steal a white Pontiac that happened to be parked near his retirement home one day, and he drove it to where his house used to be. While he was there he remembered the times he had in that house with his wife and son, and these memories seem to both fill him with sadness and reminiscence.