Saturday, November 05, 2005

Carl comes home that night to his old house and finds that Luke Richardson's son, Ned, has killed Lizzie's cat. He knows that only Ned could have done it, since he is the trouble maker in West Gull, and also because he tries to look tough by breaking the law (in this case, breaking and entering into Carl's house and killing the cat). Carl visits Ned the next morning before Lizzie comes back home from her friend's house and forces him to help Carl around his house. He tells Ned to "think of it like community service" and says that if he agrees, he won't tell his father, who would likely beat Ned.

Ned comes over to help build Carl a fence, and digs in the ground for hours until he is allowed to leave. The digging leaves Ned with many blisters. When Carl comes to inspect the holes Ned has dug out, Carl tells him to sit in one of the holes, and threatens him with a knife. Ned does as he is told and is burried except for his head in a couple minutes.


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