Sunday, November 06, 2005

"He had come back to start something new, but he was sinking into everything that was old, sinking into it so deep that he might as well be climbing into his mothers grave. Or his own."

This quote is from the first chapter of the third part of the book. Carl feels like he came home to start a new life, but sinking back into old trends. He takes care of his daughter, but his old friends keep coming back. They were the people Carl wanted to forget, since they hardly did anything with him but drink.

When Carl tells Chrissy that he has decided to ask out Moira, the woman who looks after his father at the retirement home, she says that she would be jealous if he was going to date anybody new. Carl gets angry and says that they broke up years ago, and since Chrissy is liiving with Fred, he doesn't understand why he can't see anyone new as well. As he is about to hang up the phone, Chrissy calls him "baby blue", which was what she used to call him when they were still married.

These two events add to making Carl feel like he is sinking back into old trends.


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