Saturday, November 05, 2005

The next night, after dropping his daughter off at her friend's house for the night, Carl goes back to a bar in West Gull that he hasn't been to in years. Walking through the door, he is hit with dozens of memories of what he left behind after he moved away; and then he sees Chrissy sitting by herself, listening to the band play. He walks up to her and they end up sitting together, and talking about what it was like for Chrissy and Lizzie to have to live without him.

This section of the story cotinues to take the book's theme of retelling the past in the present. Although it does mention the divorce again, there are also awkward moments between Carl and his ex-wife in the present while they sit in the bar. This makes the reader feel like Carl is trying his best to repair his relationship with Chrissy while trying to start his new life over in West Gull.


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