Sunday, November 06, 2005

Personally, I enjoyed many aspects of this novel. The slightly darker and angrier tone in the main charater's dialogue made the story feel more real and added to the development of Carl, who eventually shows his emotion at the end of the book. I also enjoyed how Cohen included a small circle of friends and acquaintances for the character to talk and associate with. Doing this helped create a feeling that this is a "small town" story, since West Gull only has 700 residents. Cohen also did a good job of creating a broken family feeling for both Carl and Lizzie through dialogue and actions of the respective characters.

I would improve this book by not have having gone into so much depth in awkward places in the book. For example, at one part of the book, when Carl has just been knocked out onto the pavement, Cohen writes excessively about Carl's dreams and thoughts about his mother's ghost and Adam's crying. This is not the only time in the book that Mr. Cohen begins to talk about one thing and continues to write in great deal about something that will not matter to the storyline.

In conclusion, I would recommend the novel "Elizabeth And After" to anyone looking for a great work of fiction, full of character study and powerful human emotion. Just be prepared to spend several nights forcing yourself to put it down!


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