Sunday, November 06, 2005

While he is talking to Ned, who is now crying uncontrollably about the crime he committed, Carl's friend Ray comes over. They both continue to explain to Ned that Lizzie trusted her father with her cat for 3 days while she went to her friend's house, and now that it's dead, she may lose trust in her father. Ned says that he will behave from now on, as long as he gets dug up and can go home. Carl digs him up and lets him go.

The next night a woman from the retirement home comes to visit Carl, telling him that his father wants to see him for lunch the next day. Carl agrees and offers the woman a coffee. As they sit and talk, he tells her about his mother's death and the impact it had on his life. She leaves when Carl tells her about Lizzie and that she is the only person left in his life that he cares about.


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